Wednesday, March 28, 2012

iPura Vida!

" way...I am sooo scared! I can't do it, there is just no way!" cried out Autumn as we ascended the metal structure that stretched 400 feet into the air. There were tiny guard rails to give one a sense of protection, but only falsely. When we reached the top, after having put on our harnesses, we all looked down and couldn't believe just how HIGH we were. We had to drive with a tractor/shuttle back into the forest a good 15-20 minutes, but it didn't seem as though we were very deep. The view was spectacular!!! We were up there with two guides and about 10 other people, some had this experience before, others were as green as we were. The guide was quick to strap Autumn and Lindsey on the line and away they went...aaagggghhhhh!!! I could hardly believe they allowed a 5 year old to fly across the forest canopy attached with just three ropes, I could hardly believe I allowed her to go, gees!!!! She screamed, Lindsey screamed, they LOVED it!!

We had a wonderful time in La Fortuna, the town about the same size as Grover Beach situated at the base of the Volcano Arenal in the middle of Costa Rica. It's a perfect place to settle into and lots of travelers find themselves in La Fortuna for a lot longer than they had originally anticipated because it's so laid back and "flojo".

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