Monday, March 26, 2012

Costa Rica!!

Leaving home for vacation is always a fabulous feeling. So much left behind and so much to explore, there is nothing like it.

We began our journey yesterday early in the morning, making our way to LAX with three excited little girls in the car! Less than four hours later we found ourselves looking for something to do along Century Blvd to pass the time before our flight. We had already eaten, so we decided to join crowd at Ross, a choice place for kids :)

Our first flight was on time, we were able to check baggage for no extra cost and off we went to our gate. $40 later for 2 of the smallest pizzas we have ever eaten, we were on our way to la Ciudad de Mexico! We had to make it through customs and recheck our baggage before we could go onto San Jose. The girls were troopers, very little was good! The excitement trumped sibling rivalry, I wonder how that doesn't work more often?

Jeff had booked two nights in San Jose the night before we left. Good thing because we arrived even later than anticipated, at almost 1 am! There were a few taxis waiting for late travelers, but no free shuttle for our hotel as the website mentioned.

March 24
Relaxing, enjoying the pool and this extremely nice hotel!

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